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Why is it essential for you to understand your type of Leadership Style?

I’ve worked with hundreds of leaders as a consultant over the last two years and have found no skill more critical to success than self-awareness. Those who take the time to become self-aware of who they are as a leader can better leverage their strengths, be flexible in times of crisis, know where to stretch themselves as they continue to develop, and understand who to effectively partner with on big projects.

Being a leader comes with a constant flow of challenges. Lacking self-awareness can make these challenges much more complicated than they need to be. This worksheet can help leaders at all levels better understand themselves and be more impactful in their roles.

To be effective and impactful, you need to understand how you will react to obstacles, conflict, and opportunities to collaborate. Understanding your Leadership Style can help you be intentional about being at your best, understand where to focus in terms of development, and be aware of how others may perceive you. Understanding how YOU will look at problems will help you be impactful when interacting with your peers, employees, community, family, boss, and potential clients.

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