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“Jacob and Mitch are true player coaches.
If you aren’t subscribing to their show, you are missing out!”

Brett Allan
Host of The Open Mic Podcast

Everyone wants to be a better boss. But the bosses, managers, and directors who see the most success are the ones who work hard to be leaders!

Using our 10+ years of leadership training and experience, we…

Dissect Classic and Modern Leadership Books

Help You Apply Big Ideas to Average, Everyday Situations

Guide Experienced Managers and Anyone New to The Game

Who am I listening to?

Jacob Espinoza

I don’t know everything, but I know this: if you have a lot of passion, tons of enthusiasm, and some good information, YOU can become a great leader. You can be the person other people want to follow. I am incredibly excited to share what I know about leadership with you.

Mitch Herring

Podcasting is my passion. Leadership is my job. Being able to combine both elements is amazing. I love seeing the knowledge we dissect and discover during the podcast applied at my job, in my home life, and within my relationships.

“Every week I have something actionable to take away that helps me live my best life.”

Caitlin Horsley
A Big Deal

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