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I'm an executive coach for small and medium businesses focused on helping you develop leadership within your organization.

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A few companies I've worked with.

Each of these companies invest in the development of leaders at all levels of their organizations.

john dom and rich

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to take your business to the next level? If so, it's time to start thinking about leadership coaching.

If you've never heard of leadership coaching, that's okay! It's a relatively new concept--though it's gaining in popularity.

What exactly is a leadership coach?

Leadership coaches are experts at helping their clients learn ways to effectively connect with their team so they can execute like champions.

In short, we will help you start slow so you can go fast. 

The most important component of any business is the people. 

And people are at their best when a company's vision, mission, and values can be the guiding force that unites and empowers everyone.

Most entrepreneurs are focused on their big idea and the big picture—which is excellent! But if you don't have someone holding you accountable for your execution, your ideas will never come to life.

That's where I come in. I work with you on your communication style and leadership approach, so you can make sure things get done while also keeping your team happy and motivated.

We'll focus on four areas to make sure you're growing as a leader:

1. Time Management: To make the most of your time, we'll prioritize tasks and figure out how long things actually take (so you can stop giving yourself two hours to do something that takes 30 minutes).

2. Task Management: We'll figure out how to break down bigger projects into smaller pieces, so they're more manageable—and then create systems for tracking progress on those pieces.

3. People Management: We'll look at how well you communicate with other people in your organization, brainstorm ways for you to delegate more effectively, and work on developing leaders within your team.

4. Self Management: We'll examine how well you're managing your own time and attention.

As a leadership coach, I specialize in helping entrepreneurs lead their teams and execute their long-term vision for their business.

I focus on helping entrepreneurs build relationships with their team members based on respect, communication, and shared goals. He believes that leaders need to be able to connect with all levels of their organization—from top executives to administrative assistants—and that all employees deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

One-stop revamp for your organization's leadership processes.

  • Individual Coaching
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Start-to-End Leadership Process Management

Most leaders already have the tools and people needed to grow. Leading a team and growing a business is easier than people think. I know what your team needs from you to take initiative and grow your business for you.

  • Get your time back
  • Gain confidence in your team
  • Work with a coach who has your back
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Jacob Espinoza Leader Consultant

Huge thank you to Jacob Espinoza and his leadership training through the Strength Based Leadership training model that he facilitated with school staff earlier this year. We are soaring as an organization, our students are reaching new heights, and the success is phenomenal.  Focus on the strengths and the opportunity is endless.

James Weber - Assistant Principle

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I was feeling lost and unsure of the next step of my career. Talking to Jacob about my CliftonStrengths made me feel validated and renewed. Our conversation provided clarity in the direction I wanted to go with my life. A month after our discussion I was offered the job I was previously too scared to apply for.

Angie R.

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