Jacob Espinoza is a leadership coach and motivational speaker.

Hello! I'm Jacob Espinoza.

Thanks for wanting to know more about me...

I'm a leadership coach and a foundation director.

More than anything, I love helping leaders use their strengths and uplift the people around them.


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FSOil - Chief Business Officer

What impressed me the most about the empathy discussion and coaching framework Jacob taught us was how our team could immediately apply it and make an impact.

Megan Duvall

FSOil - Chief Business Officer

Ricardo Escobedo

John Dom & Rich Construction - Owner


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Today's leaders need to see you are focused on their long-term success by preparing them for future roles and helping them excel in their current position.

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Jacob Espinoza - Leadership Coach and Business Consultant in Oregon.

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Book Summary: Cues by Vanessa Van Edwards

By Jacob Espinoza | March 31, 2022

Leadership in 5 minutes: Actionable insights based on the best books ever written on the subject — delivered to your inbox “You might be the most competent, warmest person in the world, but if you don’t show it, people won’t believe you.” Happy Built Different Tuesday! I’m excited to help Today we look how understanding…

Always Do What You Say You Will

By Jacob Espinoza | January 5, 2021

Diligent follow-up and follow-through will set you apart from the crowd and communicate excellence. — John Maxwell Imagine watching a movie where the hero commits to saving the day, and then they start texting with a friend and forget about it.  Following through consistently is an important focus for anyone in the world of leadership…

5 Highly Effective Ways to be a Better Leader

By Jacob Espinoza | December 16, 2020

We’re going to take a look at how to be a better leader by utilizing five highly effective and actionable steps. Most leaders and entrepreneurs are very protective of the visions they create for their teams and organizations because they know what it takes to bring huge goals to life.  Eventually, leaders realize the need…

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