Hi, I'm Jacob.

I help organizations create a leadership pipeline to protect their legacy

  • Understand How to Make Strategic Decisions
  • Learn to Delegate Like a Pro
  • Become a Leader Who Inspires

Hiring for important leadership roles from outside of the company is expensive

  • Recruiting and Training Costs
  • Uncertain Culture Fit
  • Bad Hires Lead to a Disengaged Workforce

Developing leaders on your team is the best investment you can make in your business

Jacob Espinoza - Leadership Coach and Business Consultant in Oregon.

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Let Me Create a Leadership Development Program in Your Organization

With Certified CliftonStrengths Coach Jacob Espinoza

  • Outcome Focused Development
  • Increased Employee Engagement
  • Nurture Future Leaders
Morning leadership coaching call with certified Clifton Strengths coach Jacob Espinoza.
Use Jacob’s expertise in business and life.

Huge thank you to Jacob Espinoza and his leadership training through the Strength Based Leadership training model that he facilitated with school staff earlier this year. We are soaring as an organization, our students are reaching new heights, and the success is phenomenal.  Focus on the strengths and the opportunity is endless.

James Weber - Assistant Principle

Use Jacob’s Expertise in Business & Life


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