Hi, I'm Jacob.

I help managers connect with their team and grow their business through Leadership Development Programs and Executive Leadership Coaching.

  • Use Your Strengths to Reach Your Goals Faster
  • Learn to Delegate Like a Pro
  • Become a Leader Who Inspires

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Morning One on One Coaching Session

With Certified CliftonStrengths Coach Jacob Espinoza

  • 60 minutes
  • Personalized Skills Development
  • Simple, Clear Action Items
Morning leadership coaching call with certified Clifton Strengths coach Jacob Espinoza.

Executive Coaching Services are the Only Way to Fast Track Your Development

  • Do you lead a sales or customer service organization but struggle with leadership bench strength?
  • Do you feel frustrated your teams are not stepping up and solving problems?
  • Do you anticipate leadership positions opening up soon but have nobody ready to fill them?
  • Does it feel like no matter how many hours you put in, you aren't making progress towards your potential?
  • Would you like to see your leaders learn how to inspire their teams and execute your strategies?
  • And most importantly, would you like this to happen most efficiently, ensuring you aren't wasting time and energy on actions that aren't getting you the outcomes you need?



I'm an executive leadership coach who has spent the last 15 years in the sales and customer service industry. Now I'm fortunate to be able to teach others how to have an impact and lead.

We need influential leaders now more than ever!

My system is super simple and effective - it's not about doing more work. It's about getting more out of the work you are already doing.

If you have people excelling in their current role and are ready for more, I can help.

If you need someone ready to coach, develop, and be in your corner. I can help.

I am passionate about helping those committed to excellence and know they can have an even more significant impact on their teams and communities.

When I was in a tough spot in my career, I was blessed to have a leader who cared enough about me to sit down and listen. Now it is my turn to pay it forward.

When your team starts understanding what it means to look at the world through a leader's lens, everything changes.

Performance goes up. The internal promotion rate goes up. And attrition goes down.

Now is the time.

Send me a message if you are ready to connect.

Use Jacob’s expertise in business and life.

Huge thank you to Jacob Espinoza and his leadership training through the Strength Based Leadership training model that he facilitated with school staff earlier this year. We are soaring as an organization, our students are reaching new heights, and the success is phenomenal.  Focus on the strengths and the opportunity is endless.

James Weber - Assistant Principle

Use Jacob’s Expertise in Business & Life


Personalized John-Maxwell Workshops


Live Group CliftonStrengths Workshops


Myers-Briggs Assessment


I was feeling lost and unsure of the next step of my career. Talking to Jacob about my CliftonStrengths made me feel validated and renewed. Our conversation provided clarity in the direction I wanted to go with my life. A month after our discussion I was offered the job I was previously too scared to apply for.

Angie R.

How StrengthsFinder Changed My Life

A couple of years ago, I felt stuck. Even though I felt like I was outworking everyone and finding success, I knew I wasn't hitting my potential. I couldn't understand what was holding me back.

I was trying to emulate the people around me and find success the way they did. They made it look so easy. The things that seemed to come naturally to them took insane amounts of effort, and my results were always significantly worse.

What was I doing wrong?

When I first heard about Gallup's CliftonStrengths, I thought it sounded like a corporate horoscope. No, thank you.

I was skeptical. I didn't think taking a quiz would improve my life. Man, I was so wrong.

Gallup's CliftonStrengths didn't tell me about myself; it led to self-awareness. Understanding my CliftonStrengths helped give me permission to be myself. 

Suddenly, my actions and motivations became less fuzzy. I started understanding why I was so comfortable in some situations while frustrated and awkward in others. 

Understanding myself better has helped me become a more fulfilled and successful leader, teammate, husband, and parent. Now, I am more intentional about approaching my work and the actions I take to overcome obstacles.

CliftonStrengths is not about telling you who you are. It doesn't put you in a box. It merely helps you understand the things that come naturally to you and how you can use these things to overcome obstacles and reach your goals.

The most successful people are those who understand themselves and can double down on their strengths.

Do you know what your strengths are?

Having a team who better understands how to use their strengths will help THEM be more fulfilled in their work and help YOU reach your team's biggest goals. 

As a leadership coach and consultant in Salem, Oregon, I know that your time is valuable. 

You need clear goals, a team bought into the vision, and an ability to execute. 

Let's get started.