Jacob Espinoza is a leadership coach and motivational speaker.

Give feedback to your team without becoming their enemy

Have better conversations, provide great mentorship, create change and help your team feel appreciated.

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Date: March 10, 2022
Time: 10:00am Pacific Time
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    A DDI research showed 57% of people quit because of managers, not companies.

    People quit leaders. Not companies.


    Too many managers and leaders fail to retain good teammates because they don’t know how to have impactful one-on-ones. 

    They don't know how to have difficult conversations where the teammate feels heard. 

    They don't know how to give feedback without coming off as ungrateful.

    "​What impressed me the most about the empathy discussion and coaching framework Jacob taught us was how our team could immediately apply it and make an impact."

    FSOil - Chief Business Officer

    Megan Duvall, Chief Business Officer at FSOil

    What are these leaders missing?

    The ability to have an empathetic conversation with their teammates.

    To let them know they appreciate them while giving important feedback.

    To make them intrinsically motivated by being a great mentor.

    If you’re a new leader or a people’s manager, you need a knack for good conversations.

    Or else people will feel uninspired, misunderstood, misinterpret you, and finally, quit.

    Your business will end up stagnant, stuck in a loop of unmotivated individuals.

    Everything in a business is driven by conversation.

    With clients. With colleagues.

    And your team is your biggest backbone.

    So when the going gets tough and you need to give them some direction…

    you need to do it in a way they don’t get flustered, they don't feel you're whining and worse… like you’re their enemy

    What you need is a conversation that

    • makes them feel appreciated
    • doesn’t come off as a personal attack
    • motivates them to make the change
    • impacts their thinking and action
    • inspires them to improve where they lack

    This when done over and over with your team members will get you a strong team that takes feedback, improves on every iteration and has a great understanding with their mentor (you).

    As a leader, it's your job to transform their actions with your words.

    This webinar will help you prepare for that call and those words.

    Too many managers and leaders fail to retain good teammates

    What will we cover in this 1-hour webinar?

    • HOW to provide feedback that is not seen as an attack?
    • HOW to drive your team in a forward direction?
    • The mindset you need as the manager, founder, and business leader
    • How to influence your teammates and make them driven?

    We’ll be discussing three frameworks that will make your next coaching conversation more impactful and action-worthy.

    Be the mentor your team deserves - give effective feedback and better conversations

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