Learn to see Strengths.

We all need people to believe in us.

Some of our peers, managers, and friends may be feeling this way right now. Talking to people who struggle with hopelessness is extremely difficult for me, but it’s also been the thing that has helped me understand how I can best use my gift of recognizing Strengths in the people around me.

As a business coach and Leadership Consultant in Salem, Oregon, I focus on using this gift in every interaction and listening for clues to a person’s native genius.

We can help people recognize their native genius (or strengths) by paying attention to the things that come naturally to them and giving them praise for it.

It’s unfortunately far too common for us to become immediately critical of the people around us for their strengths. It requires only a small shift in approach.

Instead of, “Why do you always have to be so competitive?” say, “I appreciate how willing you are to do what it takes for your team to win.”

Instead of, “Can you please stop being so negative.” say, “Thanks for forcing us to think through that potential gap. I know you want to ensure we have a good plan before getting started.”

We all will perform at a higher level when we understand how we can best use our strengths to achieve our goals and assist in achieving the goals of our teams.

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