My days are spent helping leaders get better AND thinking of new ways to help leaders get better.

Stay engaged with me! Learning is best when done together. I offer something different through each of my channels, all with the focus of providing my audience FREE resources to help become better leaders.

Let Yourself Be Great! Leadership Group:

This is a FREE leadership course. Each week we discuss a different topic in leadership–including action item and discussion questions. Join the conversation!

Let Yourself Be great! FREE Leadership Course


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Let Yourself Be Great! (Podcast)

This weekly podcast provides introduces a new idea or resource in five minutes or less. All will help you be a better leader overtime when implemented consistently.

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Jacob’s Affirmations (Podcast)

On each episode Jacob’s Affirmations I read through one of the ten scrolls from Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in the World. The power of the message is phenomenal. Join me each morning to get your day started off with focus and clarity.